65″ (165CM) Umbrella Black/Silver with combo Diffuser Cloth


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It is intended to soften, broaden and diminish the light output of any studio flash.
The umbrellas are easy to use, easy to store and easy to transport, and provide you with almost unlimited lighting possibilities.

* 65″/ 165cm in diameter
* Black outside, Silver inside
* Fibre glass rib
* (165cm) Umbrella Diffuser Cloth
* White translucent diffuser cloth to soften light further
Available CBD,Nairobi,Kenya

1 review for 65″ (165CM) Umbrella Black/Silver with combo Diffuser Cloth

  1. Avatar of Simon


    Fibre glass rib makes all the difference on this umbrella. I bought mine from PurpleApple 3 or 4 years old now, and I have really tortured it but it’s still going strong. If you can, I’d recommend this more than the cheaper metal ribbed ones.

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