Aputure Amaran 200x Bi-Color Light



Product  Features

  • Up to 51,600 lux @ 1 meter with Hyper -Reflector
  • Adjustable CCT: 2700k-6500k
  • Universal bowens mount: Wide variety of accessories 
  • Build in umbrella holder 
  • Sidus link app control 
  • Compact lamp head with built in control


The Amaran 200x is a bi-colour point-source LED fixture with stunning brightness and wireless bluetooth app control. It provides the perfect line-up of fixtures for content creators , portrait photography and video production.The Amaran 200x uses a bowens mount meaning that it can be transformed to take on the quality of almost any light.Whether you need soft light ,hard light or even a spotlight ,the accessory mounting system of the Amaran 200x means that it is compatible  with almost all aputure lighting modifier like the light dome, fresnel or lantern. In addition to the bowens mount, the Amaran 200x also have an umbrella holder for even faster speed and softness.

Speed and probability matter, the Amaran 200x is a fully intergrated fixture making one of our easiest studio light to adjust and transport. The total weight of the kit is only 4.97kilograms and the build in fan ensures that the LED remains cool no mater how long your shoot goes far.

In real life the colour of the light is rarely the same. A vintage lamp is much warmer than  winter sky, and single location, creatives can find a 100 different colour temperatures that are difficult to match. The Amaran 200x solves this with a simple turn of dial that lets you set any colour temperture between 2700k-6500k in seconds. The flexibility guarantees not only easy colour matching, but also the ability to think creativity about what hues makes each scene look best.

Lighting should be fun with the intergration is the sidus mesh, the Amaran 200x gives you professional lighting control with a single app.Mesh technology means that every light in the aputure and Amaran series will automatically connect to each other and expand the range of your network. Wuth the sidus link app you can control up to 100 lights from your smartphone or tablet. Adjust each light to perfection by adjusting aspects like brightness, colour temperature, effects,and even programming effects between multiple fixtures

 In the box 

  • Aputure Amaran 200x bi-colour LED Light
  • Protection cover
  • 55 degree hyper reflector
  • Steel wire rope & adapter
  • Cable tie
  • Neutrik powercon AC Power Cable (1.5m)


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