Led ColorBurst 480s


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* Three dimmable bi-color lighting fixtures- Dial in color temperatures ranging from daylight (5500k) to tungsten (3200L) or anything in
* High CRI 95 (Color Rendering Index)- Superior and consistent color reproduction
* On-light diffusion filters- The diffusion filters help to soften highlights and shadows while spreading the light when necessary.
* Mini hotshoe adapter and mounting kit provided for each light.- You can easily mount and adjust each light on a camera with hotshoe
* Long lasting portable lighting – ColorBurst lights can run for hours on a single 7.4v type rechargeable Lithium Ion batter
* Battery, charger & 9v AC power supply adapter included for each light -ColorBurst lights can powered by battery or plugged directly
into an AC outlet
* Size: L 13″ x W 2.8″ x D 1.7″ / 330mm x 72mm x 42mm
Available CBD,Nairobi,Kenya


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