MAMEN-WMIC-01 UHF Dual-Channel Professional Wireless Microphones


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● Professional high-performance omnidirectional pickup microphone with wide pickup distance, wide frequency           response, and high-definition sound resolution.

● UHF dual channel, 50 signal channels are available.

● The pickup head is made of metal, with high sensitivity, anti-drop and noise reduction.

● Lightweight structural designed.

● Receiver and transmitter, dual channels UHF wireless receiving technology, can connect two transmitters at the same         time.

● Application scenarios: news interviews, film and television shooting, character interviews, program hosting, teaching        and training.

● Long-lasting battery life for 5-7 hours( Receiver 7 hours, Transmitter 5 hours). Use two AA5 batteries (alkaline, nickel        metal hydride or

    lithium battery).

Available CBD,Nairobi,Kenya

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