Sokani X60 V LED Video Light,80W 5600K Daylight Kit


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* Powerful 80W LED bead offers high light brightness and stable illumination.

* CRI 96+ TLCI 95+ insure Natural, Pristine Color.

* Wirelessly adjusts light brightness via 2.4G remote controller.

* 6 Groups & 12 Channels.

* 5 Pre-Programmed Lighting Effects.

* Excellent heat dissipation.

* Specially designed to protect cover to protect the LED bead.

* More efficiency by Hyper Reflector.

* X60 Light Brightness

* With reflector:

* Distance(0.5m): Footcandles(1087.3), 11704lux

* Distance(1m): Footcandles(278.9), 3002lux

* Distance(2m): Footcandles(72.8), 784

* Distance(3m): Footcandles(36.8), 397

* With reflector

* Distance(0.5m): Footcandles(7701), 11704lux

* Distance(1m): Footcandles(1798), 82898lux

* Distance(2m): Footcandles(335), 16129

* Distance(3m): Footcandles(162), 1754


Available CBD,Nairobi,Kenya


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