Jinbei TRS-A6 is a trigger designed to control HD600 and HD600V Jinbei series flash and constant light heads with Canon DSLR cameras. This trigger will also control Jinbei Discovery, Pilot, MSN, DM and EF series lights.

This trigger enables you to use the reciever inside your Jinbei Flash to use HSS (high shutter speed) for use in creating shallow depth of field in outdoor daylight shooting. The trigger allows you to adjust every function of your Jinbei heads from power level to front and rear curtain sync.

Now your HD600 flash can be used outside with this trigger giving you HSS functionality without a need for a seperate reciever.

-2.4 GHz wireless, 300 metre range, 16 channels, 16 groups (for use with EF heads) , first curtain sync, second curtain sync, High speed sync.

(TR-A6 has built in redunancy for use with non V heads, just enable TRS mode for HSS functionalty)
Nairobi, Kenya


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